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royal jelly dosage

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Ensuring you take the proper royal jelly dosage can improve the effectiveness of this whole food. This article looks at correct dosages of this supplement in various uses.

This supplement is made from the natural substance produced by honey bees in their hive. According to studies, a sufficient royal jelly dose is packed with different nutrients like amino acids and vitamins C. A daily intake will boost the immune system and also make the skin smooth and glowing.

Some studies also show that RJ may eliminate, lessen or control serious ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol level or high blood pressure and other skin ailments.

The RJ supplement may be taken in tablet, capsule, powder or in its natural jelly form. When it comes to uses for royal jelly, there is no specific limit. There are no known strong royal jelly side effects or proven overdose effects, although those with allergies should be extremely cautious. Some pharmaceutical companies and doctors, however, still suggest a limitation on the amount taken because too much of something may harm one’s health.

If the supplement is in tablet or capsule form, the royal jelly dosage advised is one to two 500 mg tablets or capsules a day.

If it is in powder form, the recommended dosage is 1/4 teaspoon of Royal Jelly, and for pure syrup, half of a teaspoon of this supplement is also enough for every meal.

Pharmaceutical companies suggest that consumers initially take small dosages of royal jelly to detect any side effects or allergies. Royal Jelly could be fatal to persons with asthma or allergies to bee products. Thus, caution is to be observed. When the consumer finds that it is safe for him to take a larger dose of royal, then he can increase his daily intake.

Particular precautions should be observed in the use of RJ by pregnant women. Approval from an obstetrician must first be obtained. This is because the mother may not be allergic to RJ, but the child may be allergic to it and its intake could result in pregnancy complications.

For therapeutic purposes, the royal jelly dosage can be increased. The royal jelly bee pollen propolis is proven to cure and control serious ailments. However, it is highly recommended that a consumer continue with the medicine prescribed by the doctor and use the Royal Jelly as an additional dietary supplement.

The therapeutic effect of this supplement has been tested on animals. The effect on humans may vary.

This supplements have a very bitter taste. The powder and syrup, in addition, have an unpleasant smell. It is recommended that raw royal jelly be mixed with a food or beverage to lessen the bitterness and strange taste.

Tablets and capsules are ideal for those who cannot stand the taste and smell of the royal jelly powder, cream or syrup. Some studies show that taking RJ in capsules or tablets has slower effects than taking it in syrup or powder form.

In whatever form you choose, the Royal Jelly supplement is sure to make the user as strong as a queen bee.

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