Natural Royal Jelly Cream For Beauty

Royal jelly cream


Cosmetic manufacturers are now exploring the potential of royal jelly cream, which is produced by honey bees when feeding the larvae or the queen bee in a hive. Studies have confirmed that royal jelly boosts the human immune system and also improves cholesterol levels.

Considering that such skin cream is a natural product, cosmetic manufacturers are consistently exploring the effectiveness of these products on the skin.

Some cosmetic manufacturers have already introduced to the market various Royal Jelly creams. Most manufacturers promote the said cream as an anti-aging product. Consumers have also confirmed the effects of this cream.

In trials, most of the users reported that after a few days of using the Royal Jelly product they noticed a big change in their face. Their wrinkles lessened. Their faces became younger looking and healthy and no longer wrinkly and oily.

Royal jelly eye cream treats the wrinkles and eye bags within the eye area. It definitely hides the real age of the consumer, which is often shown through the eye area. It also protects the skin from free radicals that cause ageing; thus, the face and the skin stay younger looking, healthy and soft.

Not all royal jellies are alike. Royal Jelly eye cream and night cream are some of the special products available. To enjoy the health benefits of fresh royal jelly, ensure you use the right product for the intended use.

To enhance the effectiveness of this supplement, some manufacturers are putting other bee products in the cream such as bee pollen or beeswax. These other products are also packed with good nutrients for the skin. They reinforce the royal jelly in protecting the skin and preventing ageing.

The cream product has no known side effects. It has natural anti-allergy substances. Thus, the royal jelly skin cream is hypo-allergenic and very safe to use.

There are reports that royal jelly causes allergies that may be fatal to those who are allergic to bee venom or other known allergies with bees and to those who are asthmatic.

Thus, just like with any product, the consumer must first read the cautionary advice of the Royal Jelly face cream before purchasing or applying the same.

Pure royal jelly cream is a bit expensive. It costs, on average, USD $30.00 per 100 grams. One factor that adds up in the price is the fact that RJ is purely organic and natural. Organic product is the most expensive. The volume of RJ depends on the output made by the honey bees. Thus, the simple economic equation that lesser supply means a higher price applies. Though messy, you may want to try some of your Royal Jelly honey on your skin to get an idea of its smoothing effects.

Manufacturers are still researching and developing synthetic products to lessen the price of RJ cream, but they have yet to achieve the same. They are also afraid that synthetic products may have lesser effects than the natural product and may cause bigger royal jelly side effects.

So for now, if the consumer wants to experience the great effects of royal jelly cream, he or she must bear the high price. After all, they will not be at a loss as it is worth the price. Beauty and agelessness surely have a high price.

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