Royal Jelly Side Effects and Precautions

royal jelly side effects


It is important to understand royal jelly side effects before using this supplement.

There are numerous natural products that are beneficial for our health and wellness. For example, herbs have long been used for the treatment of many conditions such as skin irritation, stomach ache, eye sore and even serious conditions such as diabetes, goiter, emphysema and many more. Check royal jelly benefits for skin here.

However, natural substances must still be taken with extra care since they can result in severe allergies and even possibly risk the life of the patient. This dietary supplement is one of the many natural wonders, but it must be taken with extra care since there are side effects mainly involving several types of allergic reactions.

It is secreted by the glands found on the heads of worker bees. It develops into a thick and white substance that is composed of water, protein, sugar and essential nutrients and minerals. This is the primary food of the queen bee. Still, there are numerous side effects of it when used for human consumption.

This supplement is believed to resolve numerous health conditions related to the immune system, skeletal system and cardiovascular system. It is also widely believed that this supplement even boosts the healthy growth of hair and nails. More information available in royal jelly hair rejuvenation guide.

However, there is no scientific research on the health benefits of this supplement to back up the claim that supplement really helps to alleviate these conditions. To the contrary, there are documented reports on the side effects of this supplement.

Major Royal Jelly Side Effects

Similar to propolis side effects, patients who are allergic to bees and even honey must avoid taking this supplement since it could lead to serious skin rashes. In some cases, the allergy might lead to anaphylactic shock and could even be fatal. Thus, if you are allergic to honey or bee stings never try to take this supplement to avoid royal jelly side effects.

Asthma is a common side effect. It is not unusual for asthma to be triggered by bees. This supplement can also trigger asthma in people since it intensifies spasms in the respiratory system leading to lung problems.

It is recommended that you never take royal jelly if you are struggling with asthma or other lung problems such as bronchitis. These side effects must be taken seriously.

Since bees gather pollen from all kinds of flowers, it would be best to take extra caution prior to taking it if you have an allergy to certain types of flowers. This is to prevent the occurrence royal bee jelly side effects. While you might not have allergies to bees or honey, the pollen gathered from the flowers that help in producing honey might trigger your allergy.

Patients who are allergic to bees, honey, and pollen, and those who have asthma or respiratory diseases must not take this supplement to avoid serious side effects from it. Like with numerous supplements, it is not recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding moms and small children take Royal Jelly.

Patients with problems of the immune system must also refrain from taking the supplement to avoid side effects.

If presently you are not certain whether you have allergies to bees or pollens, but you are suffering from the above mentioned royal jelly side effects, you must consult your doctor immediately to receive proper medical attention.

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