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vitamin d

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Most people today are concerned with their health. Everyday our bodies are faced with a variety of challenges and stressors that can decrease the effectiveness of our immune systems. With this in mind, many are striving to look to additional measures they can take in order to stay in good health. One of the most common supplements that are found in the market today is vitamin D.

Major Benefits

It is one of many vitamins that keep our bodies working well. When we consume different foods or vitamins, our bodies need help in absorbing calcium supplement, a mineral that is integral to bone formation and strength. This nutrient is the vitamin that assists our bodies in this regard. Not only does it help our bones, but it also is vital for our nervous system, our immune system, and our muscular system.

The next question logically is, Why do I need to take a supplement of this essential vitamin, isn’t contained in the foods I eat? It is true that while there are some foods that contain this vitamin, the majority of foods do not contain significant sources of this supplement.


The best foods to eat to get this vitamin, for example, include different types of fish, high in fatty omega acids, such as salmon and mackerel. However, for the most part foods need to be fortified with it in order for people to get the recommended daily value – this includes milk products, different cereal companies, and occasionally other food items.

Other people may wonder if we can get enough of it through sunlight exposure alone. While it is correct that the body makes this vitamin when exposed to sunlight, there are many factors involved.

The amount of this vitamin created by the body can depend on the amount of sunlight you are in (is it shady? overcast?), Your natural skin tone (generally darker skinned individuals create less vitamin D when exposed to sunlight), and also you have to worry about developing skin cancer by being in the sun too much.

With all of this information, the majority of individuals decide to supplement the amount of this supplement they receive through sunlight and the foods they eat with a supplement. This vitamin is generally found in two different forms, D3 and D4. Either or both of these supplements is helpful to the body and beneficial. They are also usually sold in a pill form.


Some people, however, may still remain skeptical if they are truly deficient and in need of a vitamin D supplement. For that reason, most doctors will order a simple blood test to determine the level of this vitamin in an individual’s body.

While it is a good chance that you will display a deficiency, you will almost never see an individual with an overabundance or a toxic level of this vitamin (even with people taking this supplement).

However, it is still reassuring to know where you stand in your levels and to proceed with a doctor’s approval.

The benefits of taking this supplement are numerous. In a society where we are all aging rapidly, it shown to help prevent osteoporosis, a condition in where the bones become more brittle and more apt to break during a fall.

It is also shown to help prevent different types of cancer, including prostrate, bone, and breast cancers.

In conclusion, it is very clear to see that the benefits of taking a vitamin D supplement well exceed the relatively few risks associated with it. It is good for overall health and can also be helpful in preventing diseases later on in life.

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