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calcium supplements
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For those who suffer from calcium deficiency, best calcium supplements are a good antidote when taken in the right dosage. Among the various vitamins and minerals essential to keep us healthy, it the most important mineral required by human bodies.

It helps in bone and teeth formation, keeps bones and teeth strong and prevents bone disorders like osteoporosis. That is why doctors recommend calcium supplements for kids and teenagers. Children need adequate amounts of calcium daily in their bodies to grow properly.

With the passage of time, various biological studies has shown that calcium is also vital for various other processes in our bodies. For example, when we do not have enough of this mineral and our muscles contract we can experience excruciating muscle cramps; our muscles contract when we exercise, walk, talk, and so on.

Our muscles contract in the digestion of food when the food is moving in our body through the stomach and intestine, when blood flows through arteries and veins between the heart and other parts of the body, and during contraction and expansion of lungs during breathing. It also helps in the proper signaling of the nerve cells to the brain.

Such supplements for women are especially important as women lose calcium at a faster rate as they age. This mineral is an important component of natal supplements for pregnant women.

It can help us prevent many diseases besides bone diseases like cardiovascular diseases, tooth and gum diseases, obesity, kidney stones, pregnancy disorders, and colon cancer. Many people have the habit of drinking caffeinated drinks. These types of drinks reduce the calcium level in the body. To shed pounds, recent research shows that individuals who want to lose additional weight should consume this mineral as it helps in weight reduction.

The main sources of calcium are dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and bread. Moreover, this mineral is also found in green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and sesame seeds. Nevertheless, many people do not have enough time to consume such products or they have allergies that do not allow them to consume products rich in calcium.

While the side effects of calcium supplements can be minor and are not experienced by most people, they should be monitored. Dietary supplements with this mineral are easily available in the market in the form of tablets or liquid. The best supplement is organic or natural. Although calcium side effects are not common, natural products are less apt to trigger allergies and other health problems.

Organic supplement will provide the daily requirement of calcium and will help in the proper functioning of the body. You should take this mineral along with Vitamin D because this vitamin helps in the absorption of calcium. Therefore, choose a supplement that has Vitamin D along with this mineral.

There are no known side effects for this kind of supplement. Most people can get their daily required dosage of this mineral from multivitamins.

At the current time (2013) most peoples prefer calcium magnesium zinc supplements.

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