Cold Pressed Castor Oil – The Facts

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

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A new product for hair growth, cold-pressed pure castor oil is proving to be an effective treatment for hair loss. This is one of the most commonly used essential oils in the world today.

Many research studies have proven its effectiveness. The mere fact that this popular oil has existed for so long and is still used in the modern world is enough to show that it is a potent product.

That essential oil actually comes from the seeds collected from castor bean plants. Its scientific name is Ricinus Communis, and it is commonly found in Jamaica, Africa, and the Mediterranean. It is considered to be a vegetable oil, though its uses are not limited to cooking.

Cold pressed oil vs Ordinary oil

First and foremost, to cold press beans, the oils are extracted from castor seeds through different processes. The safest and most effective natural oils are produced through cold pressing. This oil is obtained the dry way. It is extracted by literally pressing or squeezing out the oil from the dried seeds.

The pressing can be done manually or through the use of mechanical machines such as hydraulics or a screw press called an expeller. In the process of purifying and refining the extracted oil, it undergoes de-gumming, bleaching, neutralization, and steam stripping.

Other ways to extract oils from seeds include wet and solvent extraction. Wet extraction is done through boiling the seeds and getting the oil that surfaces as it is boiled. Solvent extraction involves mixing the seeds with solvents like hexane or heptane in order to remove the oil.

Most companies do this since it is the cheapest and easiest way to extract oil. However, it can be unsafe for consumers to do. This essential oil for skin is very safe to use since no chemicals are used or mixed into it.

Also, the ricin which is a toxin found in these seeds, is separated in the process. The toxic ricin is solid and is removed with the solid seed pieces in the process of cold pressing.

It is also more helpful if the processed castor plant oil goes through a filtering process to be sure that it does not contain harmful substances. In cases when ricin is ingested, a person may be slightly poisoned, but it is not likely to cause death.

Other kinds of that oil, particularly imitations are diluted with other essential oils. It is not pure and is apparently less effective. Some may be even carelessly processed. For instance, castor seeds with molds should not be pressed because molds have mycotoxins that are extremely poisonous.

This product has a lot of benefits. Castor oil for hair growth is one of its most popular uses. Those dealing with hair loss appreciate its stimulation of hair growth. It is used as a laxative for people with gastrointestinal disorders and is known to improve the metabolism. This supplement also used to treat arthritis and as a headache remedy.

Many countries have started manufacturing and importing this supplement to meet growing demand around the world. It can be bought from supermarkets, health food stores and many online stores.

Be sure that you buy pure oil that is safe to use and proven to be effective. For additional information about cold pressed castor oil please check

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