Castor oil for hair growth : The Facts

Castor oil for hair growth

by Family O’Abe under CC-BY


Do you know the power of castor oil for hair growth? Nowadays, both men and women suffer from hair loss and baldness. This condition can be caused by the harsh polluted environment, as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.

Chemicals used to create hair products may damage the hair and scalp even more. The best way to fight hair loss is through natural treatments. And one of the best and tested methods is through using cold pressed castor oil for hair growth.

Using it for hair growth is inexpensive and safe. Castor oil can also be used on the skin, for various medical treatments and first aid. A small bottle of castor oil will surely go a long way.

So, what is in castor oil that makes it so amazing for hair growth? According to research, castor oil hair growth results are positive because this oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids. It is also rich in vitamin E, which is essential for hair growth.

Thus, using castor plant oil for hair regrowth keeps hair and scalp moisturized and healthy. A moisturized scalp prevents itchiness and hair loss. This multi-use oil does not only solve hair loss problems but also improves the overall hair condition.

Dandruff, split ends, frizzy hair – all of these can be remedied by using castor oil! Even severe infections on the scalp caused by fungus and bacteria can be treated using castor oil. It can also be used for hair growth in the eyebrow and eye lash area.

Major Uses

When planning to use castor oil to get rid of hair loss, keep in mind that you should buy the correct kind. Benefits of Castor Oil very well known around the world and it are the most popular remedy for hair, but other kinds can be used too. Just check the color and consistency.

It should be pale or light yellow in color and must have a thick texture. Do not purchase those that are taken orally. Then, create a mixture for your hair treatment. Mix castor oil with another kind of oil to improve its effects.

Jamaican Black Castor oil

by Family O’Abe under CC-BY


You can choose from rosemary, grape seed, olive, or almond oil. This can help improve the smell of the castor oil and lessen its thickness. Pure castor oil is not easy to apply on hair, and is even harder to wash off.

After completing the mixture, apply it evenly on your scalp so that it will be well-moisturized. Cover it with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel. After 15 or twenty minutes, it can be rinsed off.

Warm water is more appropriate, and you can use a shampoo if the castor oils cannot be washed off by water alone. Others suggest leaving it on hair overnight to let the oil penetrate deeply into the scalp.

This process should be repeated every week, and in less than two months, you will notice changes in your hair. It will become softer, thicker, and shinier than it has ever been before.

Now when you are armed with this information, what’s stopping you from trying it? Using this essential oil to grow your hair could be the best thing that has ever happened to your hair.

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