Calcium Magnesium Zinc benefits

calcium magnesium zinc

Why do you have to deprive your body of calcium magnesium zinc benefits when you can easily get it from the right diet and dietary supplements?

These three minerals are perhaps the most useful in regulating the functions of your body systems and organs. They work together to improve your health condition and to add quality years to your life. Many people can benefit from this supplements.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), calcium is the richest mineral in the body, the majority of which are concentrated in the teeth and bones, about 99%. The remaining 1% goes to the blood, cells, and tissues. While its major role is to protect and improve the conditions of your teeth and bones, it also helps to store mineral in the bones for consumption of the body to optimize health. Vitamin D with calcium improves absorption of the mineral by the human body.


A calcium magnesium zinc supplement can help maintain the good balance of acid-alkaline in the human body to prevent a multitude of diseases resulting from the disturbance of this balance. It also helps activate essential enzymes for proper and normal digestion and prevents digestive disorders that can trigger most diseases, as well as excessive weight gain or abnormal weight loss.

This powerful triple punch also prevents cardiovascular diseases as it stops blood clotting and promotes the optimum flow of blood in the body to carry essential nutrients to where they should belong.

Lack of calcium or inefficient calcium absorption in the human body can result in osteoporosis, a condition involving bone depletion and deterioration. Calcium deficiencies can also bring about a host of other health problems such as heart disease, an increase in cholesterol, skin diseases like eczema, an abnormal pulse rate, and insomnia among others. It can also halt your physical growth.

Zinc benefits

While zinc is the least abundant mineral in the body, it does not diminish the important role it plays in the preservation and sustenance of the quality of your health. In fact, several studies have shown that the majority of new illnesses are traceable to zinc deficiencies. Unlike calcium, though, your body cannot store this mineral; you have to replenish it daily.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits from zinc:

  • Zinc helps ensure the optimal functioning of your immune system, which shields, protects, and defends your body from diseases, infection, inflammation and other health problems and issues.
  • It improves the functioning of your digestive system and makes sure that your metabolism is working properly to convert calories into consumable energy for the human body.
  • Zinc promotes the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • It is an important mineral in the control of blood sugar in the body to stop and prevent diabetes.

Major Magnesium benefits

The most important role of magnesium carbonate is maintaining the healthy condition of your heart. Other health benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Detoxifying the human body to rid it of harmful substances that interfere with the normal functioning of your systems.
  • Ensuring that your body has a sufficient amount of energy for consumption.
  • Together with calcium, magnesium promotes healthy bones and teeth;
  • Treats insomnia and migraines; and prevents the occurrence of depression.

These three minerals are favorable to your metabolism. Such supplements keep the body functioning. If you are having problems with your weight, this mineral combination will help your metabolism work off the fat.

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