Benefits of Calcium Supplements
April 20, 2013 Calcium Magnesium
Calcium Supplements
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Many of us require calcium supplements but mistakenly believe we are getting enough of this mineral through milk products.

It plays a very big role in improving our overall health. It is an essential mineral for various functions in our body. Following are the wonders that this mineral performs in our body.

Benefits of Calcium Supplements for Health

  • Keeps bones and teeth strong.

    The largest quantity of this mineral is found in bones and teeth. Therefore, adequate amounts of this mineral are important for the proper growth of bones and teeth.
    When the body is devoid of calcium then a person suffers from bone diseases like osteoporosis, teeth diseases, and degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases. Fending off these diseases is one of the fundamental yet often forgotten benefits of this supplement.

  • Calcium supplements for women are particularly important. Women are more prone to such diseases than male are, and thus they should take larger amounts of calcium.
  • Helps in muscle contraction.
    Our body muscles contract and relax in almost every function of the body. It helps these muscles to contract and expand easily.
    People who are calcium deficient suffer from painful muscles, joint pains, falling hair, etc.
  • Normalize the blood pressure and avert blood clotting.
    Another vital function of this supplement in our bodies is that it helps in the regulation of blood from the heart to different parts of our body.
  • It assists in reducing the workload on the heart; in other words, it averts high blood pressure. The hormone calcitriol that compresses the arteries is regulated by calcium; therefore, it is very important.
  • People who do not have enough calcium in their bodies gain additional weight because they feel hungry more often.
    It helps in suppressing hunger, so a person does not feel hungry at all hours of the day. The obese should really consider calcium supplementation so that they can reduce their extra weight.
  • Regulate the digestive system.
    It helps in relieving indigestion, heartburn and constipation because it regulates the digestive system. People should take this supplement after their meals to properly digest food.
  • Facilitate the nervous system.
    Individuals who want to strengthen their nervous system should take adequate amounts of this mineral.
    It helps in fighting psychological disorders like insomnia or memory loss and plays a role in good nerve transmissions in the brain.

Various calcium supplement types are available to fulfill the daily requirement. For those who do not like tablets, liquid calcium supplement can give your orange juice an extra dose in the morning. Or you may choose to get your dose of this mineral in multiple vitamin supplements like Calcium magnesium supplements.

You should buy an organic supplement from a good and trusted brand. Although the risk of calcium supplements side effects is low and few hidden or unhidden side effects are known, choosing a reputable brand is a good safety measure.

Moreover, you should opt for calcium Vitamin D supplements because this vitamin supports better absorption of this mineral.

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