Anti-Aging Vitamin C Skin Cream Benefits

Vitamin C Skin Cream


To have healthy and glowing skin, it is important to feed it Vitamin C skin cream. Because the body cannot naturally produce this substance, your skin needs outside sources. It can be acquired from fruits, vegetables, dietary supplements, and a topical Vitamin C. This nutrient will reverse the aging of the skin.

Many recent studies on Ascorbic Acid have identified its benefits. When the face and body are treated with this creams, it produces two results.

First, it acts as an antioxidant and gets rid of toxins and oxygen free radicals from the UV rays of the sun and from the atmosphere that make the skin age. Second, it helps the body produce and maintain more collagen, a protein considered a major component of many of the body tissues. Collagen makes the skin more firm and elastic.

Everybody knows that oranges and other fruits are filled with vitamin C. When one eats ascorbic acid, the body does not really absorb them well. But when a Vitamin C skin cream is applied topically, the epidermis is able to absorb them.

There are some products that do not contain the desired amount of ascorbic acid in them, and, therefore, the desired results are not met. Good creams have a low pH level and a high amount of vitamin-C of around 10-15%. Not all the Vitamin C skin products have both these elements.

According to studies performed on human beings and animals, this nutrient can help safeguard the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and its effects such as immunosuppression, redness and production of abnormal cells.

Based on tests done on people, when a person takes in Vitamin C, collagen production is at its highest, which then leads to supple and healthy skin.

Natural vitamin C skin cream based on this nutrient counteracts the effects of exposure to UVA/UVB, minimizes skin pigmentation and raises the collagen production of the body. All these factors contribute to aging skin. It should be protected from damage.

In a skin lotion, the concentration of ascorbic acid should be 10% for it to be effective. As the concentration is increased, the cost of the product also increases. Many aging adults would spend for this so as to appear younger than they really are.

The problem with Ascorbic Acid is that it oxidizes when it is exposed to air and will produce harmful effects when used. It oxidizes when it turns yellowish-brown, and thus it should not be utilized alone.

Ascorbic acid is considered one of the important nutrients needed by the body and its organs such as the skin. To ensure that one does not age fast, he or she must apply a Vitamin C cream to enjoy youthful and healthy skin.

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