What Are Some Vitamin A Benefits? (Carotene)

Vitamin A is one of the most versatile nutrients out there. It has numerous benefits to our bodies including acting as an antioxidant, protecting us against infection, boosting our immune system, aiding us in our eyesight, preventing cancer and heart disease, and lastly it is helpful with pregnancy. It is quite safe to say it is a good idea to become acquainted with this amazing vitamin.

Vitamin A Benefits

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Vitamin A benefits us by acting as an antioxidant. When you consume foods that contain carotenes, such as carrots or pumpkin, your body makes a decision to turn those carotenes into either vitamin A or an antioxidant. Either way, it acts as a means to fight off free radicals that are floating around in your body. This will help keep you feeling good and working hard.

This nutrient also good at protecting our bodies from infection. Just as our skin and outer layers of our organs protect us by acting as our first line of defense. This nutrient assists our body by making that frontline strong. It does this by aiding in growth and repair of damaged tissue. Our body also uses mucous membranes as a defense and vitamin A benefits them by making them stronger and less susceptible to pathogens.

Additionally, it assists as an immune booster by increasing the number of cells that fight bacteria and the causes of disease. While it is true that to keep your immune system strong, it needs to be a collaborative effort-meaning that every single vitamin and mineral helps. This supplement definitely is a strong ally in this regard.

Probably the most popular benefit of vitamin A is it’s role in maintaining good eyesight. It can actually help to prevent what is called “night blindness,” which is difficulty seeing in dark lighting, (more common in older individuals). It also assists with preventing cataracts and has been shown to preserve eyesight. It is recommended to keep your eyes healthy to take at least 10,000 to 15,000IU daily.

It benefits those individuals who wish to decrease their chances of being diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. When faced with the evidence of numerous individuals who daily took vitamin A supplementation as opposed to those who did not, the numbers are staggering on how much less developed colorectal or prostrate cancers. Even the articles dealing with heart attacks show that people who took it experienced less heart related injury and death than those individuals who did not.

It is also proven that this supplement is essential in making new proteins, which is very important when making new muscle or dealing with our gene pool. When a woman is pregnant, she also needs vitamin A to help with the development of the fetus’ protein and growth hormones. In addition, it is also needed to assist in making the heart, eyes, ears, arms, and legs. This nutrient is utilized additionally in forming new red blood cells and moving iron and oxygen cells around the body.

It is clear that there is a need for everyone to have a sufficient intake of vitamin A daily. It is recommended to take between 10,000 and 15,000IU daily both from natural sources in animal products and those from plants.

Note: Vitamin A is dangerous in big amounts for women during pregnancy.

In conclusion, vitamin A benefits are clearly numerous and greatly important to our health and well being. As the world around us strives to be more health conscious, let us all be motivated to improve our own health. This can easily be done by ensuring our daily intake of vitamin A is adequate, and keeping our eye on the prize of healthy living.

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