Natural remedies for ADHD Disease

Natural help for adhd

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For safe effective treatment, natural remedies for ADHD are being used by more children with this disorder.

Before seeking treatment for this disease, it is important to know that no exact cure has been discovered for persons with ADHD. Nevertheless, there are many treatment options through which the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be reduced.

ADHD is a medical condition found in children. In this condition, the brain is suffering from an imbalance of neurotransmitters. Scientists advocate that ADHD is caused when the brain’s two main chemical messengers, Dopamine and Norepinephrine are unbalanced or imbalance the other brain chemical cells.

Thus, this disease is an imbalance of brain chemicals and hormones.

Following are the most common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:

  • 1. Boredom
  • 2. Stress
  • 3. Frustration
  • 4. Hyperactivity
  • 5. Discouragement
  • 6. Low self-esteem
  • 7. Insomnia
  • 8. Irritability

Many children while growing older show lesser symptoms as time passes. However, in the cases of some children it becomes very difficult to handle them. Moreover, every child is a different case; therefore, you should definitely consult a specialist and explain the complete condition of your ADHD child.

For the treatment of such a patient, you should choose a multitude approach rather than sticking to only one treatment because the general statistics show that children suffering from this disorder make better progress under multiple treatments. Specifically, they produce better and longer lasting results.

If your child is exhibiting improper behavior and diet, he or she should take natural supplements for ADHD along with therapy and/or counseling. The treatment varies from child to child. Medications available are more likely to produce long-term side effects whereas natural ADHD supplements are less prone to produce them.

Proven natural remedies for ADHD in children

Many studies have been conducted on the use of natural supplements for the treatment of ADHD and ADD. Both ADHD and ADD supplements show positive outcomes. Supplements for ADD often are very similar to those for ADHD as they share many of the same symptoms.

The medical supplements available for ADHD patients on the market are Concerta, Adderall and Ritalin. They help in reducing the symptoms to up to 70 percent by trying to balance the brain chemicals, but they have minor side effects. However, researchers suggest that the side effects should not discourage parents from using natural supplements as long-term treatments for their ADHD children along with medications. Increasingly, natural remedies for ADHD in kids are being used.

More and more research is supporting the efficacy of herbal ADHD supplements. Various natural supplements are being discovered to be very effective and produce no side effects.

These natural supplements have been shown to drastically reduce the symptoms of this disorder. For example, supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc, ginseng, antioxidants, and so forth. They are cheap and give good results.

Couple natural supplements with a healthy diet that does not contain a lot of carbohydrates or simple sugars because they trigger the chemicals that cause ADHD in a child.

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