Clove Oil Uses for Skin and Body
April 29, 2013 Clove Oil
clove oil uses

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If you are thinking that clove oil uses are limited to the teeth and gums where it is most popularly used, you are wrong. There are quite a number of uses for clove oil, which extend to a number of fields, from the culinary to botanical.

Clove oil uses for the skin are many. Do you know that clove oil can soothe skin itching and irritation? A lot of people get itches and burns, particularly when in contact with plants like poison ivy or poison oak. Moreover, for medical patients with bedsores, a solution of warm water with a few drops of clove oil can be used to wash the sores and stop them from worsening.

If you are prone to bedsores or boils, you can wash your skin with the same solution of warm water and clove oil and use it as a compress so that the skin will be protected from infection.

Among other clove essential oil uses, it is an active ingredient in balms and ointments that improve the circulation of blood in the body. With increased blood circulation, certain types of pain are decreased.

It should be remembered that most pain, including headaches, can be because of the lack or too much concentration of blood in one area of the head. With clove oil, the blood circulates better, so tension aches can be relieved.

In order to relax the blood vessels and get the blood flowing, apply some clove oil in your fingers and use them to massage your temples and forehead.

Moreover, as an aromatherapy oil, one of the clove oil benefits is to stimulate the brain. The pleasant scent of clove oil awakens the senses and makes you more perky and attentive. This makes people more energetic and gets rid of lethargy.

In order to rid of insect bites, it is best to use an insect repellent so that pests will stay away from you. That is something clove oil can do as well. Instead of spending a lot on bug repellents, you may use a few drops and spread it all over your body so that bugs will not disturb you, especially when you are sleeping.

Do you know that clove oil has a number of practical uses too? It is an effective cleaner of metallic objects, for one. Just place drops of clove oil onto a rag and rub it on a metallic object.

Observe how dirt and dust get attracted to the oil of cloves, and away from metal. It is an effective metallic polisher of sorts. Alas, clove oil is also used in weed killers as one of its primary active ingredients.

If your garden has a lot of undesirable plants growing out of nowhere, you can use clove bud oil and spray it on the weeds as an organic weed killer and watch those pesky weeds wilt.

Hope you now have lots of ideas for clove oil uses and benefits and will make use of its health benefits.

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