Clove Oil Benefits for Health

cloves oil benefits

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From the huge list of clove oil benefits, only a few have been commonly known until recently. Although it is not as popular as other natural herbs and plants, the health benefits of clove oil cannot be ignored. In the dental world, the wonders of clove oil are well known and popular, especially when it comes to toothaches.

Clove oil can be rubbed on the area of the mouth where a tooth is aching, so that the nerve endings of the tooth and gums will be numbed. Sore gums may also be soothed by rubbing some clove essential oil in the affected area.

Moreover, in modern dentistry, Eugenol, an active ingredient of clove oil, is used as an antiseptic and pain reliever.

Soothing mouth sores is another benefit of clove oil. For example, you may gargle with a solution of lukewarm water and five drops of clove essential oil in order to soothe the throat if it is sore.

Even those who have halitosis, or bad breath, can relieve it with clove oil. As such, clove oil is also used as an active ingredient in a lot of organic mouthwash products.

Clove oil uses for skin

When used externally, clove oil benefits the skin as well, as the oil has anti-bacterial properties that can treat a number of problems of the skin, like acne breakouts, as well as wounds that are about to heal, scars, burns and scabs, and other irritations of the skin.

Other uses for clove essential oil include as a natural insect repellent, particularly with mosquitoes. It has likewise been known to reduce body temperatures when someone has a fever and stabilize the body’s blood sugar.

Of course, as cloves are herbs, clove oil is an ingredient in a lot of international cuisine, as well. Indian and Mexican dishes usually have clove oil as one of its ingredients, and a number of blends for spices and some desserts have clove oil in them.

Some cultures mix clove oil with water for a nutritious energy tonic. In a glass of warm water, 10 drops of clove oil can be added. Many believe that it aids in getting rid of stress and makes the mind alert. People suffering from difficulty in sleeping may also drink this preparation to get rid of insomnia.

As for respiratory illnesses, taking clove oil benefits the person in fighting asthma and bronchitis. Some have even reported better blood circulation by massaging their entire bodies with a combination of sesame oil and clove oil.

Clover oil benefits pains outside the mouth, as well. If you are suffering from joint pains, relief can be found with a few drops of clove oil mixed with other oils such as lavender, rosemary or sesame essential oils.

This mixture can be applied on the painful area. It has a pleasant aroma, so not need to worry about strong odor. In fact, clove oil can also be found in a number of cosmetic products like creams and lotions.

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