Can you overdose on vitamin C? The Facts
April 27, 2013 Vitamin C

Can you overdose on Vitamin C or not? Read on to find our detailed answer.

Can you overdose on vitamin c

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Ascorbic acid has been used for many years because of its safety and numerous health benefits. In proper dosage, it helps to build resiliency against infections and improve immune system. It can help individuals be cancer-free and have stronger organs. However, when asked if it is possible to overdose on Vitamin C, medical experts say there is a possibility, and it can lead to complications.

Everyone who takes it is prone to have an overdose. The body needs around 60-75 mg of Vitamin C daily, but it is safe to take 1000 mg of this nutrient every day. Since the body flushes out through urine the Ascorbic Acid that it does not absorb and use, drinking more than is recommended is useless.

It is those who get over 1000 mg every day that are prone to overdose. In addition, people taking other multivitamins other than vitamin C are also at risk.

There are certain conditions that are more likely to lead to an overdose. These conditions include inflammations, a bruise, muscle sprain or any ailment that requires you to take iron supplements.

When these conditions interact with at least 100 mg of vitamin C, you will experience an overdose. This reaction had been proven in a study in which patients suffering the above conditions acquired in their bodies rust deposits when they took iron and Ascorbic Acid together.

Overdosing on nutrients can usually be caught early. There are a number of side effects that can serve as warnings. A few mild symptoms are experienced from a vitamin C overdose. They include mouth ulcers, gas, upset stomach, foul-smelling urine, nausea and bloating.

It has also been noted that people can suffer from diarrhea if they have an overdose of Ascorbic Acid. However, one is protected from colon cancer with this supplement. Generally, especially if your have recently increased your dose, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for side effects of vitamin C pills.

When there is too much vitamin C in the body, studies say it may lead to major health problems. Those who take around 6000 mg of Ascorbic Acid or who mix this nutrient with other multivitamins that already have it can experience a few illnesses.

These include kidney stones, copper deficiencies, deficiency of nutrient B-12 and lack of oxygen in the body.

It is also dangerous to change the level of this vitamin in your body as this can cause grave health problems. Such ailments can eventually lead to premature death.

How you ingest it will not affect the risk of overdose. Capsules and chewable vitamin C side effects have been observed. The results naturally lead to the question, can you take too many multivitamins? Once again, the answer is yes. Despite the risks, you should continue to take vitamins daily.

Everything should be taken in moderation. Too much of anything can be dangerous, and that includes Vitamin C, as well as other dietary supplements.

It has great benefits when the proper dosage is followed as it gives one good health. If someone asks, can you overdose on Vitamin C, the answer is yes. So it is best to always control your intake.

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