Vitamin B12 Injection Dosage Guide

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient needed by the body for forming of blood cells and regulating the functions of the nervous system. However, there are people who lack this nutrient as a result of unbalanced diet, particularly those with low diet on meat such as vegetarians and vegans.

Even though deficiency for this vitamin can be resolved with supplements, but many doctors are now promoting such injections because it more effective.

The greatest advantage of this injection compare to other types of vitamins is that this type makes certain that your body receive maximum benefits. Different from supplements in capsule form, the B-12 injection are directly injected into the blood stream without the need to go pass through the digestive system, letting your body absorb most nutrients.

B12 Injection dosage

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In case if you taking B-12 as vitamin, RDA (recommended daily allowance) is :

  • 2.4 micrograms daily for adults (14 years old and more).
  • 2.6 micrograms daily for pregnant females.
  • 2.8 micrograms daily for lactating females.
  • 25-100 micrograms daily for older peoples (50+) who not able to absorb nutrient B12 from food.

In case of vitamin B-12 deficiency, usual dosage is 125-2000 micro-grams daily (must be prescribed by the doctor!)

To lower homocysteine levels 50-450 micrograms daily is the usual dosage.

For prevention of anemia 3-12 micrograms of vitamin B12 daily, combined with folic acid and iron daily for 16 weeks.

It is important to take note that it is possible to feel several side effects while receiving B12 injection dosage. These side effects include headaches, queasiness and diarrhea. Normally, these side effects will just disappear, but some patients could suffer from these for a longer time.

If this is the case, doctors recommend stopping taking this supplement.

Senior citizens are usually diagnosed with the deficiency of Vitamin B-12 in their bodies primarily because of old age. When the human body succumbs through age, this nutrient is not fully absorbed by the digestive system. In such case, the best prescription is to get required intramuscular B12 injection dosage.

There are research studies that suggest that these injections have another great function. Researchers suggest that these can serve as a cure for disorders of the nervous system such as memory loss and tiredness. Another known role of this nutrient is that it reduces the homocysteine levels in the blood that will lessen the risk of heart diseases.

Similar to other shots, B12 injection must only be given by a licensed doctor or at least a nurse. Remember that not everyone could take B12 injection. More often than not, those who must take these injections are those patients who lack this vitamin in their body.

However, there are some patients who are recommended to take this injection even without this deficiency. This is primarily because of the fact that Vitamin can enhance the immune system and improve a person’s mood. That is why patients who are suffering from depression are normally prescribed to take certain shots of Vitamin B-12.

There are also research studies that suggest that injections can be beneficial for people who are into weigh loss since it can boost up metabolism and provide you with extra energy, letting you burn more fat.

If you are thinking of getting Vitamin B12 injection dosage, make certain to discuss with your doctor before taking any shot to make sure that these are perfectly safe for you. Your doctor can also provide recommendations on the quantity and the frequency of the shots.

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