What is Injectable B12 vitamin?

Vitamins are substances necessary for proper body functioning. Most of these substances are obtained from food, particularly fruits, and vegetables. Nowadays, vitamins are also incorporated in water and are manufactured in capsule or syrup form. There are even nutrients that can be obtained via injection such as an injectable B12.

Injectable vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is a water soluble nutrient that helps the body in many ways. B-12 helps in maintaining the myelin sheath, which is the covering of the neurons. This keeps the nerve functions optimal and thus helps enhance memory and mental function.

Aside from this, B-12 is also important in the metabolism of cells as well as synthesis of fats, and regulation of DNA. This vitamin is not excreted readily from the urine but is mostly stored in the liver for future utilization.

B-12 can be obtained in meat and meat products such as eggs and dairy. As was mentioned, this vitamin is also available in oral and injectable form.

Injectable B12

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B-12 injections are usually given to individuals with medical conditions that hamper the digestion and utilization of the vitamin through the stomach. Patients with medical disorders in the stomach are usually candidates for receiving it via injection.

Persons with pernicious anemia, a condition, wherein the body has a deficiency of B-12 can also be given injectable B12 vitamin. In addition to that, because this nutrient aids in maintaining the optimal function of neurons, individuals with Alzheimer’s can also gain advantage from vitamin b injections.

Some doctors also prescribe injectable B-12 for patients with fatigue. Another interesting application of this nutrient is its use in Cyanide poisoning.

An B-12 shots are available in ampule form. It is photosensitive, so the ampule has a special property which protects the content from light. The injection is given via the intramuscular route or in the muscles of either the deltoid area of the arm. It can also be given in the buttocks.

In cases of Cyanide poisoning, a vitamin B12 shot can also be given intravenously or via the veins along with other antidote for Cyanide.

B12 Injection side effects

The route of administering injectable vitamin B-12 can be uncomfortable, but most of the time, it is only administered every few weeks to every month. More often than not it does not have any side effects.

However, patients should be vigilant for signs and symptoms such as rashes and itchiness as well as difficulty breathing and abdominal pain. These symptoms should be reported to the doctor immediately. B12 in injectable form can be purchased with or without prescription and are for the most part, affordable.

Vitamins play an important role in the body’s normal functioning. B-12 is a supplement that is responsible for optimal brain and metabolic functioning. Like all other nutrients, it can also be available in tablet and injectable forms.

Injectable B12 is used in patients with a deficiency in this vitamin as well as other disorders such as Alzheimer’s and fatigue to name a few. It rarely has adverse reactions, but signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction should be reported for immediate intervention.

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