Iron supplement side effects and precautions

Iron Supplement side effects

by Sarah Korf under CC BY-SA


Although iron is naturally occurring in the body, iron supplement side effects are a risk under certain conditions.

Iron metabolism is critical to the body. It is known to be beneficial but at the same time toxic under some conditions. It is an element that is very important to the functioning of the human body, and every individual should understand its significance.

If you are getting enough iron within the diet, you do not need to have this supplementation exogenously. But if you think your diet plan is not enriching you with the entire amount of nutrients your body needs, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Iron levels of the body normally are constant, but a lot of changes can take place over our natural life cycles. Aging, pregnancy, lactation and menstruation are all conditions under which women can benefit from the positive effects of this supplements. Under conditions like these, you may want to have such supplements added to your diet.

Iron should be taken in a limited amount to avoid the toxicity of iron nutrient. The iron present within the body does not excrete out at a fast rate, and its absorption is highly selective, as well. You need to be very careful in administrating anything that can affect iron levels within the body. The tannin’s in tea, for example, can bind to the iron in the body, Like anything, in moderation tea will not affect your iron levels.

Toxicity is one of the most common iron supplement side effects and is often linked to too high of an iron supplement dosage. If iron toxicity occurs, the heart muscles can weaken up, and many other organs like kidneys and the liver will start accumulating high levels of iron in the form of mineral stones and several other compounds dangerous to the body.

Alzheimer’s is a disease prevalent in most parts of the world yet the doctors seem to have not found a cure for it. Patients with this ailment are observed to have excessive levels of iron in their brain and in the overall nervous system. High levels of iron cause abnormal activity in the brain and can cause several forms of cancers and degenerative disorders that destroy the cells and tissues of the nervous system.

Iron nutrient, if not taken in the right amounts and forms could be fatal to the body. You should consult a physician before taking a supplement. The risk of experiencing iron supplement side effects is higher with over the counter supplementation of iron. If not taken in the right dosage, it could be dangerous to your health.

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