Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects & Precautions

Ginkgo biloba side effects

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Like the safety steps with any herb, ginkgo biloba side effects and precautions should be researched before taking this dietary supplement.

Ginkgo biloba benefits are still being discovered. For centuries, man has discovered, developed and perfected treatments and interventions aimed to cure ailments and maintain health. Man’s desire to prolong and enjoy a better quality of life has also led to the discovery of myriads of medicines, natural and chemical.

One of the oldest natural medicines man has discovered is Ginkgo Biloba extract. For years, the extracts from the Gingko leaves were used by the ancient healers in Asia for the treatment of different infirmaries and as a supplement to enhance mental capacity and concentration. Over the years, the known side effects of ginkgo have been passed down and recorded.

Recent medical research has identified some very interesting uses for this supplement.

According to research results, not only does the extract improve memory and concentration, it also helps in treating a skin condition called Vitiligo with ginkgo biloba supplement. Aside from this, it can be used to prevent the formation of clots in individuals with certain medical conditions.

Other studies focus on determining the effect of using this herb in patients with dementia. These are only a few medical conditions in which the use of the extract proved to be positive. With all these benefits, and considering the long tradition of using this herbal supplement, it is important to also consider the known side effects.

This supplement has been used for a very long time, especially in China and its neighboring countries. An important health concern is the safety of Ginkgo biloba when used by pregnant and lactating mothers.

The safety of the herb depends on the condition and symptoms of the pregnant woman. It is best to ask a doctor first if the medicine is safe and to prescribe a safe ginkgo biloba dosage.

Because of the ginkgo biloba side effects such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain to name a few, this question should always be asked by pregnant women during their visits with their doctor.

As was mentioned, the extract helps in treating dementia, Vitiligo and several neurological conditions. But as a general rule, this medicine should not be used in patients taking drugs like blood thinners.

The use of this herb with blood thinners may result in patients having bleeding or hemorrhaging. So to answer the question about side effects of this plant and safety, the answer is yes, it is safe – provided the patient is not taking blood thinners.

Without a doubt, benefits of this herb are derived from its many medicinal properties. When exploring the many uses for this plant, it is important to know ginkgo biloba side effects.

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